At Hakai….

I didnt mention much about the Hakai institute itself, the students and caretakers who live here in the summer, take care of the gardens also, so as you walk up the dock ,after tying your dinghy down below, you are greeted by flowers and gorgeous trees everywhere, the trail to the beach is further down, so its a joy to look at all the flowers first! The winter caretaker lives in a small log house , what a job!!     i would do that in a flash!!!    Imagine being able to walk to those beaches every day, to clean up the plastics after a storm, but take in nature at its wildests!!      imagine…….

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We always go walking at either North beach or South beach, but i love the North beach trail, as it goes by a beautiful pond , winding through an ancient forest, the pond holds water plants, lily pads, and is home to mink, squirrel , muskrats, and lots of birds and frogs.      Its a wild place but everything seems to be in its place, it looks like a gardener was at work, but the true artist is nature itself.

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HAKAI , at Calvert island, can’t get enough of this place!!

We left Shearwater on August 11, 9.30 am, weather was still good, but a gale was pending…   we traveled through Lama Passage, to Fitz Hugh sound, then turned to Starboard into Sea Otter inlet, towards Hakai Passage, by this time it started blowing, the swell always bothers me here, not sure why but it enters through a quite narrow entrance, so the waves build.   We were surprised to see a fishing lodge at the shore, was not there before!!     I do wonder, how long the fishing will last, we have now heard from quite a few boaters, that they had no luck up North at all, hardly any fish were caught.    Someday it will all run out, nothing will be left…….

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Heiltsuk First Nation.

I took two photos of the little Bella Bella Islet which is located just as you come towards Shearwater, there is an honorary small totem on the island, and a cedar box, which holds the remains of a Heiltsuk  chief and several peoples from old Bella Bella.   I was told a little bit about this by the young First nation lad who traveled with us on the water taxi to Bella Bella from Shearwater.    All i know is that its a sacred island, its holds great honor, and there is a chief buried there.      i have tried to find out info but so far no luck.

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Rescue Bay

Left Alexander inlet on the 8th of August, the tide ended up being against us, we wanted it with us , coming out of the inlet, but it would have been smarter to struggle there a bit and then have it with us into Tolmie Channel, we headed for Jackson Passage, needed to be there at slack as the water runs very hard there, and its quite narrow, but we did fine, and ended up at the other side , heading for Rescue Bay.     rescue bay is full of buoys for crabbing , most of them had very long lines attached, i guided Bert through them, last thing you want is a line, wrapping itself around your prop.        We found a good spot, dropped the anchor, turned engine off, and then watched ,as the catamaran, NAGA ,came into the bay, quite fast, and headed straight for the buoys with long lines.   i hailed them on the VHF, but did not get a response, we hollered, but they could not hear us.   So yes, when they anchored, and reversed to set the anchor, again, we hailed them, and hollered, they went right overtop a buoy, line and all, and they came to a dead stop.   we talked to them later on, and they did not have their VHF on, he didnt think he needed it. Between the lady and her husband, they managed to cut the line away from the prop, she hung up side down at the stern, using a snorkel, we offered help but couldnt really do much, they had things under control.       I took some interesting photos here, i actually really like these, as it looks almost like the shore across is floating in between two white skies.    The early morning one was very interesting also. 2017 006 Continue reading