We always go walking at either North beach or South beach, but i love the North beach trail, as it goes by a beautiful pond , winding through an ancient forest, the pond holds water plants, lily pads, and is home to mink, squirrel , muskrats, and lots of birds and frogs.      Its a wild place but everything seems to be in its place, it looks like a gardener was at work, but the true artist is nature itself.

2017 0292017 0352017 052The paths are cleaned off , taking away fallen trees, here and there bridges have been made over the wet land, so nothing is disturbed, it all makes for a marvelous walk.

I forgot to mention that we anchored in Pruth bay, and as we came in on August 11, SV GAMBIT , our friends Don and Susan , were already anchored here, they invited us to come and watch a movie with them, but that night of the 11th, the gale started up, and we stayed put in Curtsy.

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