Boat stuff….

Every month ,Bert starts the engine, checks all the connections, runs the engine till warm, then puts the boat in forward, then reverse, and we can watch all the funny ,salt water stuff come off the hull!!     Amazing what grows down there, plus quite a bit of “stuff” comes off near the galley through hull, but i am very careful all the time, no grease, no strange things!!!    He then checks all the batteries and fills them up with distilled water.  he then checks the hydraulic oil level for the steering system, we also have hydraulic propulsion, and he checks all the connections , the hydraulic motor and the pump.

We have always had an expansion tank for the water system, it had a certain amount of air in it, at the top, the rest water, and it gave the system pressure, but the poor water pump seemed to always have trouble with this, it would work great one day, then the next, it would sputter and cough, keep on running, or not run at all, always complaining, so finally, after 14 years (yes!!!) we took it out, or rather Bert took it out, we also took the filters off the taps, the galley one had a special Brita on it, the head one a small filter, but, both these systems would cause a back pressure,   and again, constant coughing and sputtering from the pump.     So, we got ride off it all, bought a Brita canister, fill that every evening, water tastes great, the pump is super happy, and it only took 14 years!!!!

Next week, i bring all the carpets away, for cleaning, there is a super good business here in Victoria,   , most boats dont have carpet, but we like it, its warm, soft, soundproof, comes in several pieces , all bound on the edges, easy to work with.  So, other then that, i have to wash the ceiling, that happens tomorrow…….i think……..

Strange collections along the way.

Remember in one of my posts, long time ago, there was this tree, full of shoes, they were put there in memory of a young man who lost his life.

well, this time we found locks, many, many locks!!   not sure what or who started this, but we found them in two places, at the Light house trail and on the way out of the West coast.From friends i found out, plus finally remembered ,that in Paris, France, under the bridges ,over the Seine, people starting tying pad locks to the structure of the bridge, but as this went on, the incredible weight of the steel locks, became a problem and they all had to be cut off.    Well, at least these locks near Ucluelet ,will stay……  Unless, they are a problem for the fences…… you just never know…..


Pad locks, many, many pad locks……


And some more….


Light house trail, Rain forest trail….

We are so grateful that the weather stayed nice and dry, especially for that area , where it almost rains all the time!!     We walked the Light house trail a couple of times, all we had to do is step outside of the door of where we were staying, it was very busy on the walk, being Saturday and Sunday, but the walk is worth it.      The ocean is as always amazing, over powering, and truly wild and beautiful.


Trail map.



Wild and gnarly trees.



Boats we meet, things we see….

We always head to the marinas, especially Bert loves to check on which boats overwintered there, and the different kinds of sailboats that are tied up.    Both Ucluelet and Tofino have a large fishing fleet, only the odd one goes out this time of year.   But we were after the sailboats, and we found just a few.


This is “White Dragon” a beautiful ketch.


This is “MAHINA TE PUA” a beautiful little schooner.