While in Holland…..

We rented a car, really a must as we had to be then here, then there, and we stayed in our most favourite Bed and Breakfast in Enkhuizen, owned by Cor and Joke.
WE love it there, its a wonderful home, the beds are great, the breakfast is superb, but the best are the owners, they have become very good friends.

Enkhuizen is busy this time of year, every one is putting their boats in the water,sailboats are rafted 6 deep, very modern ones, and in between the wonderful old ships,the dutch barge,with its keel boards on the side, beautiful schooners, we both always feast our eyes on these boats.

The amazing thing about this little country,with so many people in it, is that where ever you go there is nature,everything is so green this time of year,all along the road ,and the sides of the Slootjes,the little waterways that are everywhere,FLUITENKRUID grows, i believe here its called Queen Anne’s Lace, they used to cut it all down but now its left to grow and it truly looks magnificent.
Birds are everywhere too, Mallard ducks by the hundreds, swans,making huge nests right along side of the road.
The cows are all outside, not like here, where they are forever kept in the bards, i saw one very fine Holstein cow ,chasing a cat through a field, now,that was something to watch.
Have you ever seen a cow run at top speed???? Quite the sight!!!!
At our B&B ,doves were making nests, and two crows were building inside an old brick chimney.
They would totally disappear inside with branches and sticks.
Apparently one year, a while back, one got stuck and no one could do anything about it.
Flaamse Gaaien, a beautiful bird ,colors black,blue and white,the size of a crow,were very busy,looking for nesting material,steeling anything they could find.

I didnt bring my camera, just too much to think about, but i did take a photo with my phone, of the swans at their nest.

My brother Wim had his birthday on the 5th of May.
I always remember the story my mom told me about his 5th birthday, as it was the day of freedom in Holland, in 1945, the war was over!!!
My brother was beside himself with joy at the sight of all the flags outside, and , as he told me this time, no flags had been flying for 5 years, during the war.
So, needless to say he thought this was for his birthday!!!!!
It was just great to be able to congratulate him this time, and be there for a short while.

So, now i am back here, and Bert is back in Newfoundland.
I am going there this month, and will tell you all about it, plus lots of photos.

already well into May!!!

i havent written for a while,somehow we are well into May now. Bert is now working in Newfoundland, in St.John’s, has been for several weeks. He works 14 days straight, then comes home for 7. Two of those are travelling days, so 5 days for him to enjoy being on the boat.
Its not easy, when he was in Vancouver, he was close enough to come home if needed, close enough too for me to come and visit,but now…. this is different!!!
He is there together with his brother,both working on the same project,and they are renting a very nice apartment, with everything in it that they might need.
It is still snowing there, off and on, but the temperature is slowly coming up.
I can’t wait to go there for a visit,together with my camera , i should have an incredible time.
It is the only province i haven’t seen yet…..

On April 26th we received a very sad call from Holland, Bert’s father ,PA,Opa,had passed away.
He was 93 years old.
He will very much so be missed, he was a loving, kind man,whom i gladly adopted as a father.
So, we flew to Holland, my sister in law Ineke and myself ,flew from Vancouver, Bert and Roel flew from St.John’s.
It was a week full of sadness, but the service for Dad was very beautiful, peaceful and full of love.
He won’t ever be forgotten, he left a lot of love and compassion behind, he was a great man.