Rescue Bay

Left Alexander inlet on the 8th of August, the tide ended up being against us, we wanted it with us , coming out of the inlet, but it would have been smarter to struggle there a bit and then have it with us into Tolmie Channel, we headed for Jackson Passage, needed to be there at slack as the water runs very hard there, and its quite narrow, but we did fine, and ended up at the other side , heading for Rescue Bay.     rescue bay is full of buoys for crabbing , most of them had very long lines attached, i guided Bert through them, last thing you want is a line, wrapping itself around your prop.        We found a good spot, dropped the anchor, turned engine off, and then watched ,as the catamaran, NAGA ,came into the bay, quite fast, and headed straight for the buoys with long lines.   i hailed them on the VHF, but did not get a response, we hollered, but they could not hear us.   So yes, when they anchored, and reversed to set the anchor, again, we hailed them, and hollered, they went right overtop a buoy, line and all, and they came to a dead stop.   we talked to them later on, and they did not have their VHF on, he didnt think he needed it. Between the lady and her husband, they managed to cut the line away from the prop, she hung up side down at the stern, using a snorkel, we offered help but couldnt really do much, they had things under control.       I took some interesting photos here, i actually really like these, as it looks almost like the shore across is floating in between two white skies.    The early morning one was very interesting also. 2017 006Love how it looks like its all floating in between.

2017 010Morning light.

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