Port Edward historic cannery.

I made our visit here into a kind of photo story, i took photos of the information posted on the walls in the cannery, it tells it how it was, any other info i found out about, i will write down for you.   The bus rise itself was actually very nice, we got to see some of the outskirts of Prince Rupert, the farm land, we had a lady bus driver, who told us the story about the Lama farm as we passed it, apparently the grizzly bears, who are more and more plentiful  the last while, really dislike Lamas!!!     They hate the smell, (apparently), and stay clear of all the farm land, surrounding the Lama farm.     So there you go, dont want grizzlies around? get a lama!!!        LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 065LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 143 Continue reading

Action at the fuel dock….

Now remember that we had a accident, and that it came with a tremendous sound, its the sound that bothered me the most, i have super sensitive hearing, and i was definitely still suffering form PTS, so, the morning of August 2nd, early in the morning, we were dozing still , a tremendous BANG lifted both of us right off the bed, the whole boat shook, and my first thought was, this is it, now we are really goners!!!        Both of us made it in record time to the cockpit, to first notice a very heavy fog had settled all around, but then the smell hit us, little black bits of boat, SOMEONE ELSE’s  BOAT!!!, floated all around us, a small motor vessel, having an inside gas engine, while filling, and NOT having the blower on, blew to pieces  when the owner turned the key.      He did not get seriously hurt, which is totally amazing, as the whole stern was broken off.       I went to get the camera, and the zoom lens,to take some photos  and we realized we had been lucky, that none of the pieces that flew off the boat hit us.       The rest of the morning i cleaned off all the pieces of soot.    Okay….   we survived this one!!LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 054LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 052LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 057 Continue reading

Prince Rupert here we come..(again).

August 1st!!    Left Dundas Island at 7 a.m.  Barometer is at 1026.9, its the start of a beautiful day.     The red throated Loons are calling after us with their haunting calls, i know we will be back here again….   Bert called the customs, and they gave him a clearance number right away.   The marina put us right next to the fuel dock, lots of action at all times, i really dislike the docks here, they are very narrow and a metal mesh, its just not a good feeling to walk over them !     We came back into Canada just in time ,otherwise we would not have had any medical insurance in the USA.      our friends Vaughan and Rita left us two bus passes ,day passes, to go to the historic cannery , we had not planned to see it, but was it ever worth while, so much to learn and see, thank you so much again Vaughan and Rita!!!!     The cannery is located at Port Edward, and will write about it shortly. LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 048 Continue reading

Dundas Island, Bruntledge inlet.

It ended up being a beautiful , sunny day, a long day, as we didn’t arrive untill 19.00 hours.      The first thing i heard was the calling of the Red throated Loons, their call is one not to forget quickly, but then, i heard a Sandhill Crane pair, actually the first Cranes i heard this summer.   The male flew over Curtsy as if to check us out.   There were no black flies!!!   Oh, believe me, that was something to celebrate, black flies are DREADFUL!!!!!!        They come in swarms, and bite and bite, leaving scars, the itching is unbearable!!        The peace and quiet of this anchorage is so lovely, we were the only ones, as the entrance is narrow, a lot of boats would not venture in.      Back in CANADIAN WATERS!!   I had mixed feelings……LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 021 Continue reading

Waiting out the storm.

We met some very nice folks along the way, Susan and Don own the Catamaran “GAMBIT”   , and we figured we might see them ,as we were traveling towards the same destinies.   None of us were planning to go anywhere just yet, still blowing 40 knots, plus there were 5 meter waves predicted in Dixon Entrance.      So, we went out for dinner on July 29, we went to Oceanview restaurant, they had a huge variety of food, Greek, Italian, lots of sea foods, I had pizza, did not sink my teeth into a pizza for a very long time, and good grief!!! was it ever good!!!!        The next day we hopped on the free shuttle bus and went down town, we visited the museum, and there i watched a great video of the First Nation History.       We left on July 31 st, so did Gambit, the storm had petered out, no more big waves, and we decided to head to Dundas Island, I had no intention whatsoever to anchor in Foggy Bay again, the memory was way too strong still , and i definitely still had a case of PTS, this was going to take a while……    ( PTS- Post Traumatic Stress)      I really like Dundas Island, there are always lots of nesting birds there , especially Sandhill Cranes!!!         So we left at 8.30, am, motoring past the cruise ships, motoring past the foreshore, till 2019 Ketchikan!!!         By the way, it was sunny!!!!!

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July 27…

We took off for Ketchikan at 6 a.m. in the morning, it was raining, dark, clouds, and cold. The engine hours stand at 2089.9, and she is running very well, despite the kelp incident.


it was a bit of a rough ride down Clarence Strait, especially coming to Behm Canal, so Bert put the head sail up, which made the ride a lot more comfortable.    Coming into Revillagigedo Channel, (what a name!!), we headed straight to the fuel dock, Anderes Marine services, we took on 107.65 gallons, at the price of $2.76 per gallon!   Felt good to have a full tank again.  I was glad to be going to a dock as the forecast called for 40 knot winds, especially as we had to cross Dixon entrance to get to Prince Rupert.   So we stayed put, and met some very nice Ketchikan fishermen, one boat the “Traci J”. was next to us, owned by a young lad, who put his music on, rap!!, very , very loud!!    I could take it for about 20 minutes and then went over to introduce ourselves and ask him very nicely to turn the music down a bit.    he had forgotten to turn off the speakers in the cockpit!      A little while later he came over with a bowl, full of just cleaned, and nicely filleted salmon, King salmon!!      This was just so nice as all we ever caught was one fish on the whole trip!!     he then asked if we liked white fish, well , yes!!       I had no idea what kind of fish it would be, i figured cod, but whatever it was, we then were given several filleted pieces, here we were about 7 dinners worth richer!!!       I so wish i could have given him something, i had nothing baked , needed to go shopping badly.     Lords pocket, Thorne bay, eagles in Ketchikan 2017 085 Continue reading