a new year, 2013!!!

Back again, finally, still typing with one finger, but only for two more weeks, then hopefully the cast will come off.  Curtsy has been resting, mainly becoming a resting spot for the gull couple that i have befriended, and the odd crow.  But, the light is changing, it is becoming brighter,fellow boaters are washing and polishing their boats, fixing problems,changing the oil,spring is coming!!!!   Our little bonsai has swollen, green buds, too early really, so i watch over it ,dont want it to get too cold.   Bert is working in Vancouver,for a couple of months,it helps us financially and keeps him out of trouble,haha!!!  Its not easy on the boat with just one hand working, but its amazing how fast i adapted,closing the zippers on the canvas was the biggest problem.   Our little cat Annie is doing quite well, i took her off of her meds,the side affects were bad, so now i give her an herbal remedy from Petwellbeing.com it seems to work,she is quite happy,eats well,sleeps well,so, we will see.

The winter here has been good, well, except for the black ice….hhmmm.. but, it has been a good place for Curtsy,people are great,every one is friendly,Port McNeill is a good place to be.     In April, we are going to Holland for 10 days,visit Bert’s and my family,then, when we return,Curtsy will be cleaned,polishes,filled with fuel,and eventually, hopefully, the sails with wind, and off we go, we might head to the Broughtons first,we never did have a good look there,after that, we dont know, we have friends all down the coast and would like to see them,so we will see…..