back to the present.

Now i am all caught up again, we are settled in Brentwood bay for now, i am slowly getting used to it, we have many friends all around here, so its very good to get in touch again with every body.     plus, the best news is that i now have a new camera, a Canon Rebel T5i, a truly marvelous machine, i am getting to know it, slowly, but the photos it takes are very sharp, the lens has a stabilizer, which really helps.        so, i will keep on posting, more to come!!!!

My private little beach.


My private little beach.

But again, lots of plastics everywhere, i started collecting , filling the kayak, stuffing it where ever i could, when the dinghy flipped over, together with me and the camera and the binocculars , all the plasticwas floating all around me, Bert , who came to the rescue , truly wondered where all this stuff had come from, but, we did take it all home to recycle.