Heiltsuk First Nation.

I took two photos of the little Bella Bella Islet which is located just as you come towards Shearwater, there is an honorary small totem on the island, and a cedar box, which holds the remains of a Heiltsuk  chief and several peoples from old Bella Bella.   I was told a little bit about this by the young First nation lad who traveled with us on the water taxi to Bella Bella from Shearwater.    All i know is that its a sacred island, its holds great honor, and there is a chief buried there.      i have tried to find out info but so far no luck.

2017 023The totem, guarding the large cedar box with remains.

2017 025So as you can see, i didnt get a good shot of the wooden sign, in the shape of a copper, but we were traveling past with the boat and could not stop, louzy excuse i know!     i will be there next year…….


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