HAKAI , at Calvert island, can’t get enough of this place!!

We left Shearwater on August 11, 9.30 am, weather was still good, but a gale was pending…   we traveled through Lama Passage, to Fitz Hugh sound, then turned to Starboard into Sea Otter inlet, towards Hakai Passage, by this time it started blowing, the swell always bothers me here, not sure why but it enters through a quite narrow entrance, so the waves build.   We were surprised to see a fishing lodge at the shore, was not there before!!     I do wonder, how long the fishing will last, we have now heard from quite a few boaters, that they had no luck up North at all, hardly any fish were caught.    Someday it will all run out, nothing will be left…….

2017 0282017 049So love coming here, i think it is also because the people here, who study at Hakai, and learn about nature and conservation, keep these beaches spotless, but how frightening it is when you see how much drifts ashore, and this is only a very small part of the B.C. coast.    On average, we fill a large ,black garbage bag with plastics, anywhere we go, we scan the beaches, and are trying to encourage other boaters to do the same.

2017 037an example of what floats ashore here, and is collected.

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