A different story about a bird.

Once upon a time, ( i love starting out that way), there was and still is , a seagull , in Port Sidney marina. His name is Jonathan, yes, like the Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and while we lived in the marina , on G dock, he became a good friend.  It all started with me throwing the odd yummy on the dock for him. He caught on fast, and watched our boat all day long.  His female , Rosie, was a lot more shy, and kept her distance.  We moved the boat to the G 38 slip after a while, which is at the very end of G dock. It was very quiet there, no other people on board, so Jonathan became someone to kind of talk to…..After a while , he would know exactly when i had breakfast, Bert would not be home all week, as he worked in Vancouver, so Jonathan would hop on board, sat next to me at the cockpit, and would take little bites from my food. Lunch time the same, and dinner also, he was never late!!!  Many times he would sit on the deck, next to the cockpit, with Annie on the other side, IN the cockpit, just looking at each other, no problem at all. He was very familiar with the galley, thats where the food came from, and he found a spot on the boat next to us,from where he could look into the porthole for the galley. On the weekends, when Bert was home, we would like to and try to sleep in, so we would be past the breakfast time, Jonathan would hop on board, walk to the porthole where we slept , in the aft cabin, look in sideways, like birds do, and start tapping with his beak, and the darn bird would not let up till i got out of bed!!!  He loved cheese, especially soy cheese, which is all i could have. I had him as a “pet” for 5 years, hand fed him all the time, but could not touch him. When we moved the boat to Brentwood Bay, i had a pretty hard time with that, and went back every second day, sometimes every day to feed him. He would be waiting at the entrance to the marina, he KNEW i was coming, both him and his mate would run in front of me, all the way to G dock, have you ever seen a seagull run???? it is so funny!!!!!!     When we left Brentwood, after two years, to stay in Pender harbour, i had a hard time with it, i tried to wean myself away from him. Since that time, i have been back to Sidney many times, once for my friend Margo’s birthday, which was celebrated in Port Sidney Marina, under the big white tent.  And while standing there, chatting with Margo, who flew in but Jonathan, looking at me as if to say, “where is the food”??????    In 2011 we took the boat to Port Sidney to stay on D dock, in a slip belonging to friends, the rigging was all going to be replaced and checked and the mast was to come down.   We had barely tied the lines, or Jonathan flew in, up on the dodger, looked at me, as if to say; “well, its about time, where have you been”??????He stayed with us the whole month of July, and i fed him again, by hand, every day, breakie, lunch and dinner.  Most people dont think too much of seagulls, find them loud, dirty, but i believe they are very smart, they have an incredible memory, and you can actually teach them things, like ;do NOT poo on our boat!!!! he never , ever did!!!!!! He poohed on the other boats………here are some pics of him, i hope he is doing well, i love him a lot.

Cannot stay away…….

The wind is howling out there, so far we have seen 35 knot gusts on the Tacktick, its fun the have this instrument  in the cockpit, when we were still  in Pender harbour , i always turned it on, when the storms started.  The generator is running, and we are making water, so far for the last two months,, we have not tanked any water from a marina, but made all our own. Its beautiful clear water all the time, the trick is to keep the filters clean,Bert washes them in the seawater, after each use, then runs fresh water, made by the watermaker through the system, to make sure there are no salt crystals left behind.  We found this out from Dean  and Leo,from Maddogvoyager, that its a good idea, as the crystals will eventually damage the main membrane. These guys have made their own water for the last 5 years!!  Bert caught 4 fish yesterday,one flounder, which he ate for lunch today, fried in Garlic butter. The other ones are cod, beautiful fish, with golden spots on their sides. I cook them in the oven, for Annie also, as she is getting weaker by the day, and eating the fish seems to help. One of the local eagles came close as Bert cleaned the fish and threw the remnants on the dock. He flew over, had a good look , and let the gull have the fish.  Some of you have asked about our WIFI system we have on board, it is from Marine WIFI Systems    islandtimepc.com    we have an antenna in the back, and a router inside, in the aft cabin, which we can turn on and off.  The site is online, where we can choose one of the free WIFI  available, it works great, and was inexpensive to buy.