On March 26th, in the late afternoon, our beloved cat Annie died , here with us, on the boat.  For the last 3 years , she had many health problems, and the medication she received, added to her distress.          The meds stopped working  the last 6 months, and she went down hill from there.

Annie was amazing, my daughter and i found her at the SPCA in Courtenay.     There she was, a tiny kitten, 5 weeks old, hovering together with her brothers and sisters in a large cage, all little black and white kittens, some very fluffy, some not, but, one little one stood out, sitting all by herself, staring right into my eyes, a black spot on her nose, and i knew, she was it.      She lived with us at Knight Rd, in Comox, one of the busiest roads in the area, plus very dangerous for cats to cross, and they all did, because on the other side of the road was a farm, fields full of bugs, mice , and wonderful warm earth to lie in.           When i came home from work, she would not be home, but, there would be this black and white spot in the fields, staring back at me…..       I would go towards her, and she knew, she was in trouble , again!!, but within minutes there was no sign of her, and there she was, sitting on the deck of my little house, as if to say, whats keeping you mom?????         I found out that day, that she used the giant culvert under the road  to get back and forth!!!         Other cats from our neighbours were not so lucky, as they tried to outdo the traffic……..     In 2001, i sold the house, bought a truck and camper , put Annie in the camper, and away we went, all the way to Alaska first, then across Canada and back.    We traveled a total of 18600.00 km.        She was amazing, knew what to do, i would put her on a leash, and a harness, and walked her around in the campground.   One day we met up with a black bear, Annie and the bear just looked at each other and went about their business.      Not so the case with the skunk in Ontario, a beautiful big black and white boy, he came sauntering towards the camper, saw Annie, and maybe thought…. heh!!! cute little female skunk!!!!!      YIKES!!!  i changed his mind very quickly!!!!

Annie lived with us on the boat for 10 years, she settled right in, made some spots here and there her own, never left the boat to jump on the dock, but lounged around on deck, loved lying on top of the canvas, with a full view of the marinas and anchorages.    She made friends with Jonathan seagull, they would sit next to each other , munching on some tidbits.

I cannot describe my sadness of her loss, she was my little soulmate, always there, always purring that amazing strong purr of hers, always talking to me , understanding everything.  She loved Bert, loved sitting on his knees when he first met her.     We will miss her badly, the boat is not the same without her, i wish her peace, no more pain, sunshine and bugs to chase, together with her cat friends, Multi, Fred, WW and Charlie.  We love you sweet cat.

About the farm, where we stay sometimes…

In the Comox Valley, on Headquarters rd. there is a place,  the Dee Kay Tee Ranch, where you can rent a log cabin or a bigger cabin, called the Bunkhouse, they both face the mountains and the farm fields, they run on 12 volt, from solar panels, and the heat comes from a wood stove, yes, you have to haul wood, and if its very cold  , you need to get up in the middle of the night , to feed the stove.      The cooking stove and the hot water for the bathroom comes from propane.       

  • As you drive in , past the farm house where Dan and Maggie live, there are cows every where, and ducks in the huge puddles after a big rain.
  • The pregnant females graze in the far back, and this time of year with their calves.
  • Eagles fly overhead, and in the middle of the night i heard an owl , by its call i think it was a Great Horned.
  • The very first time we stayed here was at Christmas, and at that time we stayed in the log cabin, where the bed is in the loft, accessible only with a very steep ladder, at that time it was not a problem, even Annie clambered up there, and down, but, as time went by comfort became more important,( like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night), the bunkhouse seemed a better idea, it has two bedrooms  and all one floor.
  • There are no fridges, just a big icebox, Maggie has lots of ice in a big freezer at the house, and its really all you need.
  • We always bring our oil lamps, and love sitting there at dusk, looking out at the mountains.
  • The website address is ; The log cabin & bunkhouse.