Port McNeill,love this town!!

WE used to live here, at least, i did with Annie, my little cat, Bert was working in Vancouver at the time, we made good friends here, and during this visit we saw some of them again.    The three boats tied to the dock, and the lovely chores started of laundries, grocery shopping, vacuum the boat, do some baking, vacuum again, more groceries, i was quite pooped after being at the dock there.   We did go out for dinner and there we met up again with Mo and Bob, the friends who saved me, when i had fallen on the black ice and broken my wrist.     Folks here are kind ,life is simple, away from the big city, people help each other, and are always there for each other.   Like i said, love this town!!!!   The marina eagles were there, waiting for us, sitting on top of the mast of the largest sailboat, and just yak up a storm to each other.    We filled with fuel, and headed out on May 13 th, at 10.15, good thing i write these things down otherwise i would not have a clue!!!Journey to Glacier Bay 097.JPGNew solar panel, a proud Bert showing it off, it was sent to us from Chemainus of all places!!!    Good price too!!!Journey to Glacier Bay 099.JPG Continue reading

Rendezvous in Port Neville.

Once we had Campbell River behind us, and the rapids in Seymour Narrows, we high tailed it to Port Neville, where we hoped to meet up with sv Baraka Bashad, with her wonderful owners,  Vaughan and Rita, we always anchor well to the back, its quiet there, and we have seen grizzle bears there and have been circled by pacific White sided dolphins , playing around our bow.  Vaughan and Rita arrived a few hours later and it truly was a wonderful site to see that fine boat come around the corner!!Journey to Glacier Bay 064.JPGJourney to Glacier Bay 064

Beautiful little place, this Gowlland bay.

We motored around in the evening, it is very peaceful there, not much action at the April Point resort, but the water is so clear, so much life in it, we found several colonies of urchins, very healthy looking ones, the tide runs hard there, we had to be careful, around the corner we found a huge amount of log booms, tied up , waiting to be pulled to the mills, the seals love lying on the logs, but they had not counted on visitors, they ranched in color from light grey to black, all with a shocked look on their face.    Eagles were sitting at the shore, a lone marten scurried through the beach, the air smelled so clean, so fresh, i finally had the feeling of cruising, of venturing out there in our home, our sailboat.Journey to Glacier Bay 036.JPGMassive amounts of logs, tied near the shore, perfect place for the seals to hang out. Continue reading

To continue my story…

last time i had a chance to write, we were in Hakai, a most beautiful spot at Calvert island, i didnt get a chance to post some photos, so i will backtrack a bit, and start with the trip to Campbell River, early in the morning, where we ended up anchoring in Gowlland bay, close to April Point.  Going through Baker passage ,we motored by Major Islet, a basically bare rock, but covered with small wild flowers, the light was just perfect for a photo!!!Journey to Glacier Bay 006.JPGwildflowers on Major islet.Journey to Glacier Bay 009.JPG Continue reading

Finally!!!!! Here we are, my quest for wifi and a good connection has been exhausting, i want to write so badly, i do already in my book, and in the log book, but its the joy of writing in the blog that makes me happy! So, i know ,everyone needs to be patient, patience is golden after all, oh no, its silence, hmmm… anyway, we are anchored in Hakai,on Calvert island, and yes, they have free wifi!!!!!!! I cannot post my photos, but that comes later, i will eventually back track,but for now you all know we are in Hakai. We waited 2 days to get across Cape Caution, 30 knot winds on the nose did not seem like a lot of fun, as it turned out, when we did go , two days ago, it was still very choppy, the ocean swell 2 to 3 metres, and there was just no way i was going to go down below to get snacks, just the thought of snacks was not healthy…. but, we did it, again, the last time was in 2013,on a very quiet sunny day in july! :-)We needed to replace out old solar panel in Lund,it was not working at all anymore, so we veered off to Campbell river, had it shipped from Chemainus (!!!!),and it arrived in 2 days, so much cheaper then the one bought last year, this one with shipping was under 300,the other one was 1000!! Tomorrow we head to Namu and then Codville lagoon, we travel with two other boats, Baraka Bashad and Waterford. Good times have been and will be had with these good friends! In Shearwater i hope to blog with photos and tell you more! For now, all is well with CURTSY!!!