Time for boat talk…..

Wintertime is for me the time to sit back and relax a bit,although that doesnt seem to work this year, there is always lots to do on the boat, plus i love cooking and baking , the days fly by pretty fast, Bert keeps busy with research on his computer, and washing the outside of the boat,there is a lot of salt buildup on all the lines and fenders, we try to keep them as clean as possible, but, clean lines and fenders means loud very loud squeeking, and yes, the only way to stop the squeeks is by pouring salt water over them which lubricates it all ,makes no sense heh???? But, its the green stuff that starts growing on everything that needs to be cleaned off all the time.
We always make sure that the fenders do not touch the water, as i am sure that the barnacles are just waiting in line to start growing on them, and most of you know how hard a job it is to get those little guys off of things.

I keep all the hatches and portholes salt free,clean them with warm, soapy water, ones dry, i polish the strata glass with NOVUS, i truly swear by this stuff, i have been cleaning the glass with Novus for 10 years now, and it is all still crystal clear, if there is a deep scratch, which can happen, i use NOVUS 3, for small scratches i use NOVUS 2.

We keep a close eye on the head, nothing is worse then head problems, a truly stinky , yukky job!!!
Every 3 weeks, we fill the whole system with vinegar,pump it through, then fill it again and close off the through hull, as the handle comes down in the toilet, i quickly close the valve, so hopefully all the vinegar goes in all the hoses,even in the lowest,below the waterline hose.
We leave it for 24 hours or longer, then pump it out with warm , fresh water, dont put in any vegetable oil, this makes for a disaster, the oil solidifies when cold, we had this happen only once, never again, you have to literally dig out all the now very thick , solid oil, now thats a crappy job!!!
I did use a bit of mineral oil for lubrication, seems to be ok.
We keep de-odorizer in the holding tank at all times,so the whole system is yukky smell free!!!!