Well into July already.

Bert will be home this week, so i have been scrubbing the boat, had all the carpets cleaned, and washed the ceiling, NOT an easy job!! But she is looking good for her skipper!!!
It took me quite a while to get used to being here, in Port Sidney, it is very busy, and the jets fly over continually, someone else that is flying over all the time is my old friend Jonathan, my fine seagull friend, who i have known now for 11 years!!!
This amazing bird flew over the boat a few times, it seemed like he could not quite believe his eyes that it was really me, once he heard my voice, he landed next to the boat, accompanied by very loud calling, i am pretty sure he was saying that it was about bloody time i came back!!!!
He is looking old, a bit ratty, after all, these birds get to be 35 or older!!!
Every morning he is here at 5, Bert will just love that, so i now leave food out in the evening for his breakfast, if a don’t, he will keep on calling and even jump unto the boat, tapping the portholes.
We have good friends here, who make sure i don’t get too lonely,i am so very grateful to them all!!!!