A very happy story….

On Saturday, April 2nd. at 10.52 in the evening ,a baby girl was born, her name is KORA SOPHIA , she weighed in at 6 lbs.13 oz.

her very proud parents,Mark and Amber, live on board of a sailboat, here in the harbor.

Little KORA is just gorgeous, and once in a while i can hear her little voice , telling mom and dad to get with it: feed me!!!    clean my diaper!!!!      Its a joy to have a baby close by!!!!

lady bugs, dinghy trip to Squally reach 116

Sweet , little KORA SOHIA !!! 5 weeks old!!

A bug story.

You might have seen the two containers, full of pansies on the deck.   They have been on the boat since last October.         This spring ,when things became very wet from the rain, i noticed many, and i mean many aphids all over the one pot of pansies, the poor flowers were full of them, so i proceeded to pick them off, gross little bugs, when i shook the plants, aphids were jumping everywhere!!    After a couple of weeks of this, i had had enough, but what to do…….    I refuse to use poison of any kind, but i did know that lady bugs will eat their weight in aphids and then some, i love lady bugs, and i did get one ,visiting the boat, i think the aphids just laughed……..

On my travels through the valley, i buy rhubarb at one of the farms, and while shopping there, i noticed a bag, chock full of lady bugs , sitting on the counter!!     They were not moving, and the lady told me there were one hundred aphids in the bag, it had just come out of the cooler storage ,so they were still sleeping so to speak.      I bought the bag.     It was a nice warm , sunny day, the van was cozy inside and i put the bag on the seat, in the sun…….   Within a couple of minutes , the whole bag came alive!!!!!    And i mean alive, lady bugs jumping and crawling, trying to get out, they were awake!!!!

I took the bag to the boat, and contemplated how to do this, so i figured just to shake half of the bugs on one container, and the other half on the other.     Most of the little beetles co operated , and settled on the aphid infested flowers, some went exploring on the deck, some flew away……    I figured they were going to be busy , eating and chomping up all these little , pesky green bugs.        I left them be till the next morning, i could see from my spy spot through the port hole, that they were busy.       I looked out , the sun was on the side of the flower pots , and the whole sides were lady bugs!!! What a sight!!!!!         They were looking for warmth, presumably had full bellies, but now what?????   A few hours later they were all gone, and i mean all gone!!!!       But, so were the pesky aphids, this is now 2 weeks later, and i have not seen one aphids yet!!       Truly a success story, the pansies are in full bloom again, full of gorgeous , purple buds, ready for another year on Curtsy’s deck.

veggies and flowers 016

Bag full of lady bugs!