Apparently, there will be lots of this, we woke up this morning,at 6, to head out, and i found that i couldnt even see the bow on the boat!!!    One sailboat had anchored near us, and i could barely see its shape, so, back to bed!!!  I had no problem with that at all, Bert was still snoring nicely, so, we stay another day.

Our plan is to sail, (hopefully), around Vancouver Island, we have been told, that yes, there will be fog, yes, its called Faugust, not August, but heh, we just have to try.  We have still close to 2 months time.   But, we are not going south this year, some very personal stuff came up, and we need to stay here.   I feel its a good decision, and everything has a reason, listening to our friend Shendra, as she would say, everything in its right time, there is a reason for it that you dont go this year.      We will be keeping busy with the boat, sewing some new canvas pieces, and a large cover for protection from the weather.   I will have to stay “strong”, and NOT get a new kitten……   its so quiet without Annie, so strange, we still” hear” her, still hear her jumping off the seat in the cockpit, Bert still feels that she is lying at the foot of the bed, we have a very soft blanket there that feels like her fur, he just about  did a flip to try to avoid leaning on “her”,yes, she is missed.       But, at the other side of it, i can go to the Island,see my girls, and stay longer, not have to travel with her , as it became very hard the last few months of her life.

We are heading to Bull Harbour tomorrow, unless this darn fog comes back again, sitting here, i can now see the other side of the bay,so, we will see.   I dont know when i can write again, but surely will try!!!

Going full circle, back in Port McNeill.

July 25th, a foggy, cold morning, not much wind, as yet, we headed out towards Port McNeill, we went by and then had a look into Shoal Harbour ,where we were last year, waiting for engine parts. ( oil pan)      We went back through Cramer Passage, then to Arrow Passage, once out in the open, there was enough wind, to put up a sail or two, plus the sun came out, by the time we came close to the south point of Malcolm Island , the wind picked up, and we were sailing ,doing 6 knots.   The tide here is wicked, very wild water.   At Stubbs island, out of no where, a Humpback whale surfaced alongside of us, very, very close, we didnt have the motor running, so i think he liked that a lot.   My mouth just hung open, totally mesmorized , watching this amazing , very large creature.   Bert mumbled something about a camera, but there was just no way i was going to go downstairs to get it!!!      As he went down, the current took us , and basically turned the boat around!!!    What a place, what a power and beauty.

Black bear on the shore!!


Black bear on the shore!!

She was turning over small boulders, looking for crabs, i think….My friend Heidi mentioned this bear, and yes, there was another one, smaller, who was sauntering towards this one, we watched , as it came closer and closer, until , at the last moment , it did a double take, (their eyesight is very poor), and it ran away.  The wind was behind the second bear, so it couldnt smell her as yet.    Definately a pecking order there!!!  Another, much smaller bear was digging for grubs among the logged forest.  he didnt even look at us!!