canvas work…….

In the meantime, i sewed all the bad spots on our canvas, first, tho whole thing has to come off, then maneuver it all into the boat, set up the Sailrite sewing machine, and redo all the seams that are falling apart.   It wasnt too bad really, i had done some of them already in the past few years, but the canvas was very dirty, especially the side towards the land, so it took quite a bit of scrubbing, with a nylon brush, ( so as not to break the cloth), but its looks great again for another 6 months.

leaving Port McNeill

The time has come, after an eventful, and sometimes very sad winter here, we are getting the boat ready to head south, south as in down island, towards Sidney.    We like to go into the States, haven’t gone south yet, towards Seattle, so that’s what we will do first.   Also, we want to see our friends along the way.      Bert has been working hard at the wood, we don’t have much teak really on deck, but when you have to start cleaning it, sanding it, and then varnish it, it becomes an amazing amount of wood!!!!      Bert had decided to put Cetal from Sikkens on the wood, we have tried everything else, and within a winter, even when its covered, it turns dark again, and looks terrible.        He started with the boom rest, it has leather covering on the spots where the boom rests, so we replaced that too, the end result is very nice!!     Here is a photo to prove it!!!!