Winter’s beauty


Winter's beauty

There is a wonderful walk here, it wraps around the bay,and offers a great view of the inlet and marinas. While walking there this morning,i was investigated by a hummingbird!!! Funny thing, we just bought a feeder for them a while back, i hope they come to the boat, no more cat here now………

Snow!!! lots of it!!!!

Yesterday and today, February 23 and 24,we received a big dump of snow here in Brentwood bay, it is the very heavy,very wet kind, i got up in the middle of the night, and scooped all the snow off the canvas, i have seen dodgers collapse under all that weight, in the morning there was just as much on it again , maybe more,we spent the morning shoveling and scooping,Bert cleaned all the docks around us, i cleaned snow off the canvas from other boats, where people were not on board.
Now its wet and yucky, this morning we drove to the ferry in Swartz bay, the roads were not too bad but on the way back they had turned into skating rinks!!!
I am staying home!!!!