It is Christmas day,and new stories are in the making.

My battle with the new computer has finally cooled down, good grief, i so miss the old Dell, but i also know, that its Windows 8 ,that is causing all of my problems. The kind PC gent in Comox, did make it easier for me, but still…… anyways, i managed to post some photos, finally, all of my photos, 14000 of them, are in 4 different places in this new PC, try to figure that one out!!! We are in Oceanside, California, camping in our Westfalia. This Christmas morning, we went for a bike ride, then dove into the pool, or rather slid in carefully, and then a few minutes of hot tub. The sun is shining brightly,it did rain last night, but only for 15 minutes. The temperature right now is around 23, just right for me!! We have been travelling since November 17, started with the ferry in Victoria and then followed the coast, all the way south, on Highway no:1!!! In the next posts i will tell you our stories and adventures.