Waiting out the storm.

We met some very nice folks along the way, Susan and Don own the Catamaran “GAMBIT”   , and we figured we might see them ,as we were traveling towards the same destinies.   None of us were planning to go anywhere just yet, still blowing 40 knots, plus there were 5 meter waves predicted in Dixon Entrance.      So, we went out for dinner on July 29, we went to Oceanview restaurant, they had a huge variety of food, Greek, Italian, lots of sea foods, I had pizza, did not sink my teeth into a pizza for a very long time, and good grief!!! was it ever good!!!!        The next day we hopped on the free shuttle bus and went down town, we visited the museum, and there i watched a great video of the First Nation History.       We left on July 31 st, so did Gambit, the storm had petered out, no more big waves, and we decided to head to Dundas Island, I had no intention whatsoever to anchor in Foggy Bay again, the memory was way too strong still , and i definitely still had a case of PTS, this was going to take a while……    ( PTS- Post Traumatic Stress)      I really like Dundas Island, there are always lots of nesting birds there , especially Sandhill Cranes!!!         So we left at 8.30, am, motoring past the cruise ships, motoring past the foreshore, till 2019 Ketchikan!!!         By the way, it was sunny!!!!!

LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 006Giants at the docks, two heading North, two heading South…. every day…..

This big girl was anchored in mid channel.


LVN.Kechikan Dundas Island PR Expl. boat cannery Port Edward Kumealon Inlet Hartley bay 009

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