Finally!!!!! Here we are, my quest for wifi and a good connection has been exhausting, i want to write so badly, i do already in my book, and in the log book, but its the joy of writing in the blog that makes me happy! So, i know ,everyone needs to be patient, patience is golden after all, oh no, its silence, hmmm… anyway, we are anchored in Hakai,on Calvert island, and yes, they have free wifi!!!!!!! I cannot post my photos, but that comes later, i will eventually back track,but for now you all know we are in Hakai. We waited 2 days to get across Cape Caution, 30 knot winds on the nose did not seem like a lot of fun, as it turned out, when we did go , two days ago, it was still very choppy, the ocean swell 2 to 3 metres, and there was just no way i was going to go down below to get snacks, just the thought of snacks was not healthy…. but, we did it, again, the last time was in 2013,on a very quiet sunny day in july! :-)We needed to replace out old solar panel in Lund,it was not working at all anymore, so we veered off to Campbell river, had it shipped from Chemainus (!!!!),and it arrived in 2 days, so much cheaper then the one bought last year, this one with shipping was under 300,the other one was 1000!! Tomorrow we head to Namu and then Codville lagoon, we travel with two other boats, Baraka Bashad and Waterford. Good times have been and will be had with these good friends! In Shearwater i hope to blog with photos and tell you more! For now, all is well with CURTSY!!!

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