Beautiful little place, this Gowlland bay.

We motored around in the evening, it is very peaceful there, not much action at the April Point resort, but the water is so clear, so much life in it, we found several colonies of urchins, very healthy looking ones, the tide runs hard there, we had to be careful, around the corner we found a huge amount of log booms, tied up , waiting to be pulled to the mills, the seals love lying on the logs, but they had not counted on visitors, they ranched in color from light grey to black, all with a shocked look on their face.    Eagles were sitting at the shore, a lone marten scurried through the beach, the air smelled so clean, so fresh, i finally had the feeling of cruising, of venturing out there in our home, our sailboat.Journey to Glacier Bay 036.JPGMassive amounts of logs, tied near the shore, perfect place for the seals to hang out.

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