Port McNeill,love this town!!

WE used to live here, at least, i did with Annie, my little cat, Bert was working in Vancouver at the time, we made good friends here, and during this visit we saw some of them again.    The three boats tied to the dock, and the lovely chores started of laundries, grocery shopping, vacuum the boat, do some baking, vacuum again, more groceries, i was quite pooped after being at the dock there.   We did go out for dinner and there we met up again with Mo and Bob, the friends who saved me, when i had fallen on the black ice and broken my wrist.     Folks here are kind ,life is simple, away from the big city, people help each other, and are always there for each other.   Like i said, love this town!!!!   The marina eagles were there, waiting for us, sitting on top of the mast of the largest sailboat, and just yak up a storm to each other.    We filled with fuel, and headed out on May 13 th, at 10.15, good thing i write these things down otherwise i would not have a clue!!!Journey to Glacier Bay 097.JPGNew solar panel, a proud Bert showing it off, it was sent to us from Chemainus of all places!!!    Good price too!!!Journey to Glacier Bay 099.JPGPort McNeill eagle!!Journey to Glacier Bay 101.JPGPort McNeill evening light.

2 thoughts on “Port McNeill,love this town!!

  1. Hi Megan & Bert – Just got around to checking out how far along you have gotten on your adventure. Looks like things are going well. We take off on July 2nd after being in the Sidney Canada parade representing RCMSAR (Brad’s volunteer group) not a bad way to celebrate Canada’s 150th.
    Will keep checking in on you as the summer progresses. Perhaps can connect on your way back down.
    Safe sailing,
    Bev, Brad & Bailee

  2. Like so many boaters, you are naturally conserving and finding green resources that are renewable to power your vessel. I’m so glad to meet you on Ama Nature, thanks for the visit!
    Bridget & Perter, decarbthepassage.net

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