Where we live….

I am just reading what i wrote, saying “we had lots of snow here, LOTS!!”   yeah right, say the folks back East, especially in Newfoundland right now, i remember  living in Cape Breton, with my sister and her family, and that first winter , this was in 1967 , we had so much snow that we had to crawl out of the second floor window, plus we could not find the car!!!!    I have the most wonderful memories of that year, the day i had to walk home , up Pleasant Hill, after my days work at Canadian Tire, the blizzard was in full power, i could not see a thing, everything white, i knew i was heading up hill, my sister lived at the top, but could not identify anything, when all of a sudden a dog stood in front of me, looked at me, started walking , up the hill, i followed him, all the way to the top, right to the farm house, and he disappeared into the snow, never saw him again!!!!feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-019


This house is on our route to the stores, every time we go by, every seagull in the area is standing on this roof, we figured that the owner is a fisher man, maybe they get tidbits,but in the meantime i found out from my friend Amber ,that the lady living there , feeds them, she , once upon a time found a dead ,very skinny seagull in her yard and since that time she been feeding these guys!!  Lucky birds!!!


Two very handsome pigs at a farm on West Saanich rd. Saltspring Island in the background.

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