Strange collections along the way.

Remember in one of my posts, long time ago, there was this tree, full of shoes, they were put there in memory of a young man who lost his life.

well, this time we found locks, many, many locks!!   not sure what or who started this, but we found them in two places, at the Light house trail and on the way out of the West coast.From friends i found out, plus finally remembered ,that in Paris, France, under the bridges ,over the Seine, people starting tying pad locks to the structure of the bridge, but as this went on, the incredible weight of the steel locks, became a problem and they all had to be cut off.    Well, at least these locks near Ucluelet ,will stay……  Unless, they are a problem for the fences…… you just never know…..


Pad locks, many, many pad locks……


And some more….


3 thoughts on “Strange collections along the way.

  1. Locks are left by couples to show their commitment to each other. You can find them all around the world. There are many on bridges in PARIS,hwere it might have started.

  2. Think this might have been started in Paris – there’s a bridge there where lovers put padlocks signifying their eternal love… so French 🙂 The city actually had to cut off a bunch of them to keep the bridge from buckling under the weight!

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