Meanwhile, back to Curtsy….

We have been cleaning and scrubbing, i decided to clean the teak toe rail, it was black, some places even a dark green, just looking very dirty and bad.     So, i hauled out my trusted cleaner, “Kleen Glo”, which is now called :all purpose Natural Cleaner, non toxic, non abrasive and bio degradable, and started scrubbing,  a foot at the time, and from underneath came an actual teak color, not seen for a long time, we decided to let it dry well and then put several (6) coats of Cetal on the wood, we had already put that on the window frames and the vent boxes and handrails, and so far they are staying just beautiful, it has been 3 years.   The weather was perfect for it, dry, warm, so Bert started with the applications, standing in the dinghy for the one side, all 84 feet of wood!!!     It looks awesome, and now matches the rest of the wood, well worth the hard work!!!!

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 017

Cleaned toe rail, gorgeous teak color.

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 097

Oh my goodness, no stopping these micro greens!!!!

The first photo shows the seeds popping up after only 2 days!!!!    The photos after that……well, have a look!!!!

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 027

After two days…….

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 035

Two more days……. This is Arugula!

veggies and flowers 002

Seven days, since planting!! I grow beets, arugula, radish,peas ,mustard and cilantro.

veggies and flowers 003

Primary leaves of cilantro, today, 3 days later, they are well above the edge of the container and now boast secondary leaves!!! Next week, some go into the salad !!

Its time for the micro greens…..

THis is for those of you who wonder what i use to grow the greens, and where i keep them.   I love doing this, as they give us fresh greens continually !!     I will start with some photos of the seed packages i buy and the containers i use, and then the soil ,cant very well do without that!!    Jane, i hope this will give you an idea for on your boat!!!!

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 025

I buy a potting soil that is sterilized and has all the essential nutrients already in it.

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 028

I use old salad containers, its a great way to recycle and they are sturdy enough. Make sure to punch holes in the bottom, you can use the lid as a saucer.

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 027

The seeds i bought so far, i try to buy organic seeds, they are a bit pricey but sure come up nice, all of them!!!

All along the sides of the docks, facing North, beautiful, very large Anemones grow, some of them are grouped as in large forests, as we walked by, they were all open ,gently swaying in the tidal water. I love touching them, they close up very quickly, either in protection or maybe they feel they caught something…..    A lot of them are the most often seen  White Anemone,  but i found a few of the Giant Plumose Anemone,   ( metridium farcimen), these beauties grow to be one meter tall, and are found from Alaska to Mexico. They are called animals, i always forget that, as they look like plants, but they eat other critters, well yes, some plants do too, but like i said, they are animals.

Haul out ramp at the boatyard.

We have never hauled out here before, but the price is right and it all looks safe and good, plus they have a nice big yard, a marine store, restaurant and washrooms.    What more do we need, we hope to be here for only 4 days, should be enough time, unless we run into some problems, after all, its a boat……….