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  1. Hello! We are preparing and preparing and preparing to find a sailboat and live aboard- should be 2017. However, one of my big questions is whether I could GROW anything aboard, and I see that you do! I’m wondering how exactly: pots, growing mixture, pot balance in a sailboat, etc. I did see the picture of your beautiful bonsai but haven’t found these details. Thank you! I’m a Missouri Master Gardener and your comment on an older Winterlude blog post made me jump for joy!

  2. Hallo Jane!! Your timing is perfect, i am just starting to grow my micro greens, and would love to tell you about them. i will post photos on the blog also, to give you an idea what i use. How awesome you are going to liveaboard too, its a great life, you will love it, i promise!!! We have been living on board for 13 years now, and i have not regretted one day!!! My bonsai is a Japanese Hornbeam, and its 68 years old!! It is thriving on board, even though friends told me in 2003 that it would probably die. It loves the moist climate, i watch over it all the time, when we travel, i put it down below, in a safe spot, where it cannot fall. My micro greens are in the cockpit, which is canvas and strata glass covered, a perfect environment for the seeds to sprout and grow. Try and buy a boat with a canvas covered cockpit, it is wonderful in foul weather too. I admire you very much , being a Master gardener, nothing better then growing things, isnt it???

    • Thank you very much. And thank you for the encouragement and suggestion.I look forward to following you ,your husband, and Curtsy on your continuing adventures. BTW your photos are wonderful.

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