Canoe cove

You might have noticed that i took the caption away from the first photo of “boats we see and meet”, well, the thing is, that beautiful schooner is not from Port Townsend at all!!!   Don’t know why i thought that, maybe because there are so many beautiful schooners in Port Townsend, any way, she is sitting right here, in Canoe Cove marina, the marina where we are going to haul Curtsy out on May 3, for a well deserved bottom cleaning!!!     We went there on sunday, to have a look at the haul out yard, and the approach to the ramp, i love all the sailboats moored here, plus the marina has a very strong tide coming in and out, so the marine life is gorgeous!!

But first about the sailboat, she is a schooner, and her owner has raced her in many ,just for schooners  races, her name is SV “Copernicus”, and as always, i forgot to ask the owners name…….  but, he listens to Chopin, and he is from Poland!!     She is in beautiful shape, her bright work gleaming, her hull spotless, we like her!!    here are some photos  to show her off.

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