waves and swell, shaping the rocky shores.

I have been trying to figure out the blog as i go along, and just realized i can size the photo, as you can see in the last few posts, now remember, i am learning to operate this new PC,and its an ongoing struggle!!! But, i am slowly catching on, and i will say it again, i really,REALLY dislike windows 8!!!!!!
I took a large amount of pictures ,here at the rocky shores ,and have deleted most of them, but will share some of the best ones with you.
The rocks here have an interesting thing happening to them, the main rock looks to be sandstone,which slowly wears down from the constant beating of the waves, but there is another rock within the sandstone, and something very curious happens here. let me show you…….

Slowly towards California

We headed more South, along the Dunes,and stopped in Reedsport, where Bert spied some masts, and i saw a bakery, well worth visiting,as they had some interesting gluten free goodies, carrot and vegie chips, and some incredible good looking 100% butter cake for Bert, but i made sure i sampled it first!!! {make sure it was safe for him}!!!!! At North Bend, the highway 1 turns into hwy. 101. But, we ended up taking a wrong turn, and ended up at Cape Arago,where we stayed for the night. What a majestic place this is, the swell of the ocean was enormous,huge waves crashing into the rocky shore,just beautiful!!! We were lucky the campsite had power, most of the parks with camping in Oregon have power, which was so very important for us, as the weather stayed very cold. We stopped in Bandon for lunch, and roamed around at the beach where i found all kinds of interesting info about every day things we find at the beach ,like the commen sea gull, so many folks just have no idea about these birds,as you know, i have now two pet gulls, well …pets, but both of them come on board, look into the porthole where the galley is, and take food from my hand. One of them is named Jaytoo, he lives here in Brentwood bay, the other is Jonathan, who lives in Port Sidney,and i have known him for 10 years now.
Did you know that gulls get to be 35 years old and older?? They get their adult feathers after three years, we dont know Jonathan’s age , but i figure he is at least 20, maybe older, he has an old face, tired looking eyes, and his landings from the boat to the dock are not so smooth anymore, but he is still king of the marina and no other bird better try to grab his goodies!!!
Here is some info we found on the signs at the Bandon beach.