Continuing South,along the Oregon coast.

November 22, stopped in Tillamook, not for the famous cheese, but for two pairs of socks!! In Oregon, you can get a wonderful latte, at the side of the road, in one of those little drive-in coffee spots, it was one of the best vanilla lattes i have ever tasted!! We stopped that night at Washburne State park, and picked out a nice spot with full hookup,$26.00 US, so we could use the elec. heater, it was a very cold and wet night.Slowly but surely, i started having trouble sleeping in the top bunk, woke up early morning, VERY cold, sore belly, so eventually Bert bought me an electric heating pad for my feet,which i would turn on one half hour before climbing up there, now that is nice!!!! We needed to look for a camp spot with hookup,while it was so cold at night. This road is just amazing, winding itself around cliffs,ocean way down below, then it would dip way down, only to climb back up, the Westy managed it all though, every once in a while, we would accumulate a row of cars behind us, but every mile or so, there are turn off spots, for the slow cars to pull over and every time, people would wave, honk, and say thank you, it sure was appreciated !!! There are quite a few viewing spots to pull into, and near Heceta lighthouse, we did just that,to admire the immense view, and ….to hear hundreds of sea lions!
We kind of stood there, dumbfounded ,where were they??? Couldnt see a single lion, untill i happened to look down , over the cliff, and there they were, hundreds of them, all huddled together on the rocks!!! Other people stopped too, to kind of take in the view, not realizing where these guys were.

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