Bird murmuration.

I think,most people have seen the murmuration in the sky,that the starlings perform,this incredible display of acrobatics, its amazing to watch, how every bird in a flock of at least 200,turn at the exact moment, each and every time.
The best one we saw, was in Victoria,downtown, above the old brick buildings, with the sky turning orange and red around them. People do not look up very often, but in a few minutes, we had collected a group of folks, who had never seen this, it was so fun to share!!!
Anyways, what we saw , on the coast in Oregon, was a murmuration on the sand!!! Hundreds of little birds would move with the waves coming in and out, at the exact time, creating shapes on the sand, we were looking at them from above, so it was quite a show!
I took photos but should have taken a video.

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