already well into May!!!

i havent written for a while,somehow we are well into May now. Bert is now working in Newfoundland, in St.John’s, has been for several weeks. He works 14 days straight, then comes home for 7. Two of those are travelling days, so 5 days for him to enjoy being on the boat.
Its not easy, when he was in Vancouver, he was close enough to come home if needed, close enough too for me to come and visit,but now…. this is different!!!
He is there together with his brother,both working on the same project,and they are renting a very nice apartment, with everything in it that they might need.
It is still snowing there, off and on, but the temperature is slowly coming up.
I can’t wait to go there for a visit,together with my camera , i should have an incredible time.
It is the only province i haven’t seen yet…..

On April 26th we received a very sad call from Holland, Bert’s father ,PA,Opa,had passed away.
He was 93 years old.
He will very much so be missed, he was a loving, kind man,whom i gladly adopted as a father.
So, we flew to Holland, my sister in law Ineke and myself ,flew from Vancouver, Bert and Roel flew from St.John’s.
It was a week full of sadness, but the service for Dad was very beautiful, peaceful and full of love.
He won’t ever be forgotten, he left a lot of love and compassion behind, he was a great man.

3 thoughts on “already well into May!!!

  1. We are very sorry to hear of the passing of Bert’s father. It sounds like he was a lovely man, and we send our condolences as you grieve his death and celebrate good memories of his life. We are also thinking of you both as Bert flies back and forth to work, and you hold down the fort (so to speak).
    Kindest thoughts,
    Jessie & Neil

    • Thank you Jessie and Neil, so much appreciated!!! Its been quite the week, but i am back on the boat, now getting ready for my trip to Newfoundland.
      The weather as you know, has been wonderful, but, poor Bert just had an ice storm and this morning, snow on the ground!!!
      But , he still really like it there, despite all the hard work.
      The people in Newfoundland are amazing, very kind and down to earth, i remember, living in Cape Breton , it was the same.
      It is so much fun to follow your blog, i so remember , when we first started living on board, the many things we discovered, there really never is a dull moment!!!
      Thank you again for your wishes, maybe see you soon??….. Mejan

      • Yes, it is quite incredible how variable the weather can be. Just yesterday, my family in Southern Utah received 10 inches of snow! YIKES! We would love to see you again. What are your plans for the coming months? Where are your moored? What are your summer cruising plans? ~Jessie

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