1 thought on “Mute swan pair, the female(i think) is on the nest with the cygnets,i counted 5 of them!!!

  1. Hi MeJan. Happy Mothers’ Day. Sorry to read your post about Bert’s Dad – please give our condolences to him. We are currently in Lund – until tomorrow (Monday). We started our annual cruising last Wednesday and spent 3 nights in Roscoe Bay. Not a soul there. It rained until Friday then got sunny and very warm. We are going to dinner tonight at The Boardwalk Restaurant. Rusty bought a generator this year so we won’t have to spend money at marinas every 6-7 days charging our batteries. Sam is great. It’s amazing how he remembers the boating routine from last year! We have 2 new cats this year (Rosie and Nina). Rosie has taken to the boat with no problem but Nina doesn’t think it’s so great – yet. She hid for 2 days under our bunk but is exploring now so she’s be alright. We’re going to Ballet Bay tomorrow and will work our way down the coast to Secret Cove. We might go across to the Gulf Islands – don’t know at this point. Then home briefly in mid june to pay house insurance and property taxes then head North. Hope to year from you. Love to you both – Joanna, Rusty and Sam

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