A very happy story….

On Saturday, April 2nd. at 10.52 in the evening ,a baby girl was born, her name is KORA SOPHIA , she weighed in at 6 lbs.13 oz.

her very proud parents,Mark and Amber, live on board of a sailboat, here in the harbor.

Little KORA is just gorgeous, and once in a while i can hear her little voice , telling mom and dad to get with it: feed me!!!    clean my diaper!!!!      Its a joy to have a baby close by!!!!

lady bugs, dinghy trip to Squally reach 116

Sweet , little KORA SOHIA !!! 5 weeks old!!

1 thought on “A very happy story….

  1. So good to hear from u and we hope to see u again as well the next time we r in Victoria. You will enjoy your trip across canada. I hope u get to the Maritimes and visit Nova Scotia especially Peggy’s Cove and the Cabot Trail. Also the Halifax waterfront is very nice. I’m from New Brunswick and I try to get home every year and I always go in early October as the weather is still nice, the leaves are starting to change plus the off season hotel rates are in effect and there are less crowds.
    We wish u safe travels and we hope to see you again soon.

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