A most wonderful encounter.

On a beautiful fall day,coming from Hornby island,where we had anchored for the night,we met with a most beautiful creature.   Bert had put the sails up,and we were doing all but 2 knots,just silently sailing along.    The water was quiet, sun was shining,a beautiful day.   All of a sudden a big fin came up out of the water, a dark fin, i was not sure yet what is was ,but it was big!    Just about killed myself, getting my camera from below, with the big photo lens.    He, and i still think it was a “he”,kept circling, around and around the boat. This was a big fellow, at least 10 feet, we could compare his size with the dinghy,and we realized he was a pacific White sided Dolphin.Strange too, that he was all by himself, his pod might not be far off……    he kept coming closer and closer, and every time, with me hanging almost out of the boat, made eye contact!!  They say Dolphins have smiles, yes they do!!  This fellow looked at me, and smiled!!  By this time my excitement  was overwhelming, i started crying and laughing ,all at the same time!        I kept calling him, and at one point i played some Mozart for him, and he settled himself between the boat and the dinghy.      I cannot possibly put into words ,how i felt, the love i felt for him, the compassion, he stayed with us for 3 hours, my dear friend Shendra thought that maybe he might have been lonely ,i think she is right!!     He was a gift to us, and i have been looking for him ever since.     He filled my heart with such joy, and then you just know, that you needed to be there at that time and place.

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