Cold snap in Brentwood Bay

We were at that time, still in the old spot, all the way on the outside of the marina, we had full view of the bay there, watched the ferry come and go,but good grief was it cold there, once the temp dropped , we basically had no protection from the wind, at times it blew 35 knots, west or north west, and Curtsy would just jump up and down, tugging at her lines, the dock we were tied to jumped even higher as the waves came in, we had all of Saanich inlet coming our way, i could not be down below anymore, became quite sick, my eyesight did some strange things, so, once it calmed down,Matt gave us our old spot back, further into the marina, so much better,we are next to a marvelous vintage boat, she is a beauty, and the owner is a lighthouse keeper,Jeff is a very good neighbor to have. Curtsy became a frozen world, the water was turned off at the docks, with the windchill, the temp was -18, cold for here!!!! I do love it though, when it gets cold, its like having a second, much larger fridge in the cockpit, i leave all my vegies there,the fruit and the orange juice and soy milk.