Christmas 2013, busy, busy time!!!

So now we are halfway December, all the gifts, for all the 10 1/2 grandchildren are wrapped, i am baking up a storm, the cards are in the mail, but this year it all seemed to have gone pretty smooth, no rushing, no panic, we will be staying with Karen and Trevor, Charlie and Ginger, we get to stay in Charlie’s room, sleep in his bed, he is on the floor in his sister’s room, what a sweetheart, apparently he said he would rather have us there and give up his room then to not see us,total sweetheart!!!!
We had an awesome time, i helped Karen with the flowers for in the church, Bert helped Trev herding cows, he loved it!!!
Maybe we should become farmers????
Their house is gorgeous, beautifully decorated with reds and greens and a large Christmas tree full of cute ornaments.
Karen was at that time 7 months pregnant,so it was so good to be there and help out, even if it was just doing dishes and the odd vacuuming.
She now is close to 9 months, baby’s due date is Feb.14
Here are some Christmas photos.

Travelling around to see our friends and visit old places.

Because the weather stayed so nice we decided to head for Pender
harbor, Sunshine coast, we were invited to stay with David and Jenn, and we graciously accepted!!! Time as always went by way to fast, we visited with Shendra and Peaches, her cat, and had a marvelous time. Jenn is working on her fibre art projects, you can check this out at She excels in Textile painting, and her use of colors is beautiful!!
I love the arts in the Pender harbor area, many artists work and live there,and the music concerts are great,all kinds of musicians come here to perform in the small theatre,
I miss the place dearly…….