Going full circle, back in Port McNeill.

July 25th, a foggy, cold morning, not much wind, as yet, we headed out towards Port McNeill, we went by and then had a look into Shoal Harbour ,where we were last year, waiting for engine parts. ( oil pan)      We went back through Cramer Passage, then to Arrow Passage, once out in the open, there was enough wind, to put up a sail or two, plus the sun came out, by the time we came close to the south point of Malcolm Island , the wind picked up, and we were sailing ,doing 6 knots.   The tide here is wicked, very wild water.   At Stubbs island, out of no where, a Humpback whale surfaced alongside of us, very, very close, we didnt have the motor running, so i think he liked that a lot.   My mouth just hung open, totally mesmorized , watching this amazing , very large creature.   Bert mumbled something about a camera, but there was just no way i was going to go downstairs to get it!!!      As he went down, the current took us , and basically turned the boat around!!!    What a place, what a power and beauty.

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