About the farm, where we stay sometimes…

In the Comox Valley, on Headquarters rd. there is a place,  the Dee Kay Tee Ranch, where you can rent a log cabin or a bigger cabin, called the Bunkhouse, they both face the mountains and the farm fields, they run on 12 volt, from solar panels, and the heat comes from a wood stove, yes, you have to haul wood, and if its very cold  , you need to get up in the middle of the night , to feed the stove.      The cooking stove and the hot water for the bathroom comes from propane.       

  • As you drive in , past the farm house where Dan and Maggie live, there are cows every where, and ducks in the huge puddles after a big rain.
  • The pregnant females graze in the far back, and this time of year with their calves.
  • Eagles fly overhead, and in the middle of the night i heard an owl , by its call i think it was a Great Horned.
  • The very first time we stayed here was at Christmas, and at that time we stayed in the log cabin, where the bed is in the loft, accessible only with a very steep ladder, at that time it was not a problem, even Annie clambered up there, and down, but, as time went by comfort became more important,( like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night), the bunkhouse seemed a better idea, it has two bedrooms  and all one floor.
  • There are no fridges, just a big icebox, Maggie has lots of ice in a big freezer at the house, and its really all you need.
  • We always bring our oil lamps, and love sitting there at dusk, looking out at the mountains.
  • The website address is ; The log cabin & bunkhouse.

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