Battery trouble….

We seemed to have trouble keeping the batteries charged, Bert even replaced the alternator , thinking that could be the problem, well, when we came back from Billy’s house , towards the boat, i could smell a very strong smell, we entered the boat and the stink was overwhelming, it came out of the engine room, and here Bert found the starter battery, red hot, smoldering , the stink was terrible, he managed to disconnect it, and we then realized that that was the charging problem, this battery was old, but we always checked it, and added distilled water , thank God we came back to the boat, as we had planned to cruise around in the bay a bit longer.        The message is: replace things in a boat when they are getting old and could cause trouble.       Heading to Boughy Bay….August 23.

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50 years in Canada , on August 23!!!

I really had to stop and think about this, 50 years, feels like a life time, well, it is!!    I came to Canada on that day, in 1967, all but 18 years young, heading for Nova Scotia, where my sister lives.     I have not regretted one day for moving here, for becoming Canadian, i am still as proud to be one as on that first day!!

We anchored in Shoal harbour, where we once upon a time, a few years back, were broken down, had to try to reach a mechanic from Port McNeill, taking the dinghy to Pierre’s , around the corner of Billy Proctor’s place, but that is old news, we did have a look this time at Pierre’s ,but it was very quiet, almost deserted.     We stopped in to see Billy, he was sitting in front of the little museum , together with his new dog, and it was not hard to get him talking, telling stories about what had been happening.      We asked about Nikki Van Schyndel, the girl who wrote the book:  BECOMING WILD, she also was running an eco tour ,taking folks out around Gilford island, teaching them how to live in the wild, which plants to eat, which not, her book is great, a very courageous thing she did , living out in the middle of no where, with no modern means to survive.    Billy told us that her business was shut down by the First nations and the parks branch.    She was infringing on their life style, and lets face it, the truth is , she was taking away business from them, folks loved to go with her, the tours were so very worth while, i dont know what has happened, havent heard any more, but i dont think she will give up.     Billy stated that things were definitely  changing , he said, who knows, how long i am able to stay here, as his homestead in sitting on a First nation midden……    Uncertain times……

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