Montague, Clam Bay, Dodd narrows, Nanaimo.

We ended up sailing all the way to Clam Bay, always like staying here, and took the dinghy  through the cut between Kuper Island and Thetis island.  We take the dinghy to Telegraph Harbour marina, and walk the island, in search of some wildflowers. ( picked a great bouquet!!!).    On wednesday, the 19th, we headed to Dodd Narrows, in the late afternoon, slack would be at around 7.   But the tides were not  very large, and while i made dinner, Bert motored through the narrows well before slack.   I do not like Dodd, as some motor boats go through there with great speed, creating huge waves, not comfy in such a small area, so i stayed down below, creating an awesome salad!!!!  Now we are in Nanaimo, trying to download all kinds of files for the SSB, and figuring out which tracking to use for this summer’s trip.  I have been creating more with my beads, finishing the Shakra beads for my friend Margo, and also making  crystal  sun catchers for in windows.   You can see them on my other blog; http://www.blissfullbeadingonaboat.wordpress .com    . We are staying here till sunday, visiting with Bert’s daughter and her family, sunday looks like a good day to cross, WG should be quiet and not in use, ( Whiskey Golf, training area for navy in Georgia Strait), plus we might be able to sail a bit.  Will write again once on the other side!!

Montague Harbour.

We sailed here the next late afternoon, just enough wind to have some fun.   We hoped to visit our friends Liz and John here, and maybe tie to one of  their buoy.   They bought a great house here, we love the setting and very much so, the house itself.    Liz cooked us a great dinner, and we spend a nice evening with them.    Its hard, to keep saying so long to all of our friends, but, we hope to someday come back this way again, and settle in the area.   In the meantime, the blog is a great way also, to keep in touch.