Port Townsend

We have come to love this town, its beautiful surroundings and for sure its people, every where we go ,people greet us, show interest in who we are, and especially here in the marina, every one is very helpful.       We have tried to walk into town every day, myself, armed with my camera bag, trying to take the photos i want between the rain showers.  The last week it has been very dark, so some of the photos are a bit dark too, i apologize for that.       The town consist of a lower part,where the  businesses  and  the shops are, in the higher part are all the beautiful Victorian homes. In the early days , the well to do ladies did not want anything to do with the rowdies down below, that was where the bordellos were, the bars and the screaming, drunken sailors!!!     So they kept this all very separate , until in the late 1800’s ,when  they built a wooden stairs between the two.       Later on the stairs were replaced by  cement ones, of which the steps were very close together, because of the ladies’ long skirts and high heels.

Something else i wanted to add, all the time that we have been here, we have not heard any swearing, any foul language at all, not even here in the marina,where there are a lot of workmen walking around.    Every one is polite, joking around a lot, and there seems to be a general respect for each other. We found this very refreshing.

Port of Port Townsend

On May 17th, we arrived here in a very busy marina, Bert wanted to talk to some of the workers about the boat, and we had been told that this is the place to come if you have any problems, lots of knowledgeable people.     We put the boat next to the two haul outs, which proved to be a very interesting spot, as all kinds of sailboats were hauled out , the one lift is good for 300 ton!!!   Some very big fishing boats are hauled out here, but also some beautiful motor vessels  , one of them being  MV Dearleap.      I used to watch this beautiful boat come into Port Sidney every spring.     She is from 1929, and during the 2nd world war, she was used in  the  service, the whole vessel was painted a dull grey, and machine guns were mounted on her decks.   She now looks a lot better again!!   She is a family owned boat,  have a look at her on Google, it shows how beautiful she is on the inside,  I can only show you the outside…….