San Josef main logging road.

About halfway to Holberg lies a beautiful lake, Nahwitti Lake, fed by the Nahwitti River.  We stopped there , drove into the forest, there is a campsite there too, probably for people on the way to or coming back from the West Coast Trail.  Magistic trees still stand here, i even found a very large Yew tree, never seen such a big one.  The canopy creates a  diffused light, which is perfect for the many, many mushrooms and fungi growing in the moss.   Is it so amazing , how incredible quiet it is in a forest, most people in this world never experience this, it makes you humble and still.   We rooted around, did some exploring, found  some huge stumps from cedars, recently cut, they were windfall, and would be a danger for anyone camping there.   We stayed there for a long time, checking out all the mushrooms, sitting by the lake.  Late afternoon we came to the crossroad, to the left is towards Holberg, another 30 km!!!  We decided to head back, as our car was not too happy driving on this road,( it became quite rough) ,plus it started raining , and we (car), were totally covered in mud!!! It was a good day,  time to head home,for a well deserved glass of wine!!



We have been here since October 10th, two months already!!!!   We have been kept busy  with the boat, cleaning, fixing, Bert started to walk every morning for an hour, while i do dishes, clean the boat, take care of Annie , wash my hair and then make coffee.  We have made a bit of a routine like this, Bert has had a hard time not working, he used to work 12 hour days, and all of a sudden he doesnt have to do anything really, just what he would LIKE to do, it took some getting used to.

The area is beautiful, although some folks have mentioned when we say where we are, “oh yes, trees, tress, trees!!!”     But to me that is heaven, the rivers are big, creeks every where, and still some very large cedars and firs and spruce standing, we drove to Alert Bay, stopped at the Marble river, a beautiful area for exploring.  One day we tried to go as far as Holberg, it is mostly a dirt road , well kept, but oh so muddy, around every turn you can expect a racing truck, going with the speed of light , i guess the driver thinking no one else should be there….. At Kain’s lake we found the “shoe tree”, the amount of shoes there would put Walmart to shame, they are piled high, and then go up this old tree, way up!!         They are a tribute to a young man that died , every one, walking the West Coast Trail, leaves their shoes at the tree.