Finally back to the blog, its been a long time!!

I am sitting in the cockpit, in the sun(!!!!), apparently,its foggy and cold everywhere else up here, we are in  a wonderful little harbour, Myers Chuck, have been here before, but i am going ahead of myself, here we go. We anchored out in Pillsbury Cove, across from Prince Rupert, the day before we headed to Alaska.  Both of us are so happy with this dinghy, and a bigger motor, had to try it out , before heading towards Alaska.   Bert has become a speed demon, the try out day, he took me to P.R. for a coffee, so, i tried to look nice, did my hair….well!!!  here, he said, look at how it can plane!!!!   I have never quite looked the same after that run, amazing, i didnt catch a bug or fish between my teeth, remember, we only had a 4 horse motor all the time, so this is an 8, what a difference!!!! August 10, My friend Shendra’s birthday, we left for Brundige Inlet. Its the last anchorage before heading into U.S. waters.   There, we left the little houseplants, 3 ferns, and a bag of soil on the shore,  well protected behind a log. I was too worried about losing them. Two Sandhill Cranes were on the shore nearby, looking for tidbits, every time an eagle flew over, they made their amazing, very loud call. We watched them from the boat, preening their feathers, now these guys have a bright red head, so i thought…aahhh!! red feathers!!! Bert rowed me back to the beach, after the cranes left, i found 4 beautiful beige feathers, but no red. The evening became very still, and out came the black flies, not just a few, the whole population!!!   Poor Bert was attacked very badly, he walked around the next week, with a head and neck full of very red bumps. We had brought lots of sunscreen, which is a total joke, but no bug spray, so if you come this way, bring the spray, and buy a bug zapper, apparently they work very well. Next morning the weather was good, very calm, we left early, as we had to go through Dixon Entrance E. it can be very nasty there. Halfway there, the water turned bright orange from the (red), orange tide, we turned the water maker off immediately, not a good idea to take that in. It also smelled very strong of fish, which brought the cat out on deck. Arriving in Ketchikan  is quite something, very , very busy place, boats everywhere, cruise ships on the big dock, 4 of them, two dutch ships, the MV Rotterdam, and the MV Amsterdam. Its a chore to find the dock leave alone the slip you need to go into, the numbers are obscured by the numerous fishing boats, so you go around and around, trying to figure this all out. A lad on a bike hollered at us where to go, thank you!!!!     Once tied up, we called the U.S. customs,and we were told to stay put,. they would be there eventually. A  tired looking officer arrived after an hour, very flustered, she appologized for letting us wait, and we then filled out all the forms, and answered the questions, no problem with anything, she needed to check on Annie’s food, there cant be any lamb in it, and then joked with us for a while. We were treated very well, dont know why i was so worried.

From here to Alaska.

Its the 8th of August today, and the new dinghy is here, good thing, Bert was going a bit crazy, waiting for it.  Its a nice little boat, should do well for us. Tomorrow morning, i will bring the bonsai away, then we anchor out in Pillsbury cove, and wait till the weather improves, its blowy and the waves are big in Dixon Entrance. We are quite excited about Alaska, not sure what to expect, but the stories from Dean and Leo are wonderful, and we should see lots of whales for sure. We figure, once we start heading back south, the bears will be at the creeks for the fish, and maybe we still get to see the Kermodei Bear.But,apparently there are lots of bears to watch in Alaska. So, i will sign off for now, and hope to be able to write in Alaska.

Bonsai tree and “Cowpuccino’s”…..

For 16 years now , i am the proud owner of a little bonsai tree, its a Japanese Hornbeam, and its 66 years old.  For the last 9 years, it has lived on the boat, and goes every where with us. We want to go into Alaska, but , i dont think its possible to bring the tree along, and losing it would be heartbreaking.  So, i went to talk to the owner of Cowpuccino’s, a wonderful coffee shop here in Prince Rupert, we went there almost every day, and i like the atmosphere in there, and the owner seems like a very nice guy.  So, i approached him to ask if he would consider taking care of the bonsai, just for 3 weeks, and he said;”No problem”!!! i am so grateful, and i know it will be ok there. Thank you Judson, i hope i spelled your name right, thanks to you we get to go into Alaska!!!! See you in 3 weeks!!!!