Alston Cove

This wonderful anchorage was recommended to us by Doug and Martha, and wow, were they right!!!!! No one was here, again, the only boat, most boaters go the more travelled route, the east side of Princess Royal Island. At the head of the little bay, is a large beach, with grassy field and a creek , creating a perfect bear spot. We so hoped to see the Kermode bear, the cream coloured bears of the island.   The next day we kayaked to the beach, which was mostly made up of black and orange coloured rocks, the tide was out, and here, after “docking” the kayaks, we found perfectly made clam gardens, several of them, perfect rows of stones, with the clams inside, these gardens are very old, made all along the coast by the  first nations.  here, in this area , the Tsimshian first nation lived. Clams were a very big part of their diet, the large cedar trees here, also had signs on them  of big strips of the bark taken off, a very long time ago, used for making clothing and baskets, among other things.  At the edge of the forest, a sign was put on a tree, plus a surrounded area was made, with barbed wire ,with a bait in the centre, the sign said as you will see on the photo, that it was for bear research, we looked for white fur, Bert figured that when the bears would break down the wire, to get to the bait,white fur would be left behind, for DNA.  maybe… i am not sure.  We didnt see a bear, no signs, but there are no fish coming into the creek yet, i think, once the fish starts arriving , the bears will show.