September 15th, to Nanaimo.

We love traveling with Gail, he is not in a hurry, an excellent mariner, and fun to spend time with.     WG, Whiskey Golf, was clear for transit that day, which means we can cut straight across Georgia Strait, or rather the Salish Sea!!       Weather was good, sunny and quiet.      Gail left later then us but i knew he would show up very soon, and pass us, he travels about 2 knots faster then us, so in Nanaimo he anchored in a good spot and left us lots of room behind him .    Nanaimo is always a bit tricky, i really dont like anchoring there, but at least it was a lot quieter in September , in Summer it is totally crazy there.   The forecast was for rain , wind, more rain, so we decided to hunker down in our boats, read good books, bake cookies, and only venture out if the rain stopped.    I know, we are NOT tough mariners.   HAHA!!!

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 043Gail passing us , on route to Nanaimo.

Once the sun came out in Nanaimo, we realized there were some very nice festivities in downtown, the evening before, we had dinner at the Dinghy Dock pub, reachable only by boat, dinghy here we go!!    Gail had us over for dinner another night, he made this artichoke dip, i have NEVER tasted anything like it, i will write down the recipe for you shortly, dont eat if you are trying to lose weight…….         We also went to the jazz fest downtown, it was fun even though we dont like jazz all that much, but i have to say, this was good!!!

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 068festivities downtown, lots of really fun umbrellas.

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 080Cutest little spectator!!!

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 084LOVE these enormous soap bubbles!!!

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