Moving on…

We had a wonderful time in Comox, i spent time with Karen who also celebrated her birthday, for once i was there!!!       We had dinner with Kevin and Petra, saw the whole family, really enjoyed ourselves.    But, we needed to move on.      We had stayed in touch with Gail from  MV Cruzeiro Do Sul, and planned to meet with him in Pender harbour, at Madeira Park,  we anchor in front of the harbour, good holding, and again,we get to use the wifi.

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 033I did not take any photos in Madeira Park, but here is a very fine shot of Gail’s boat.   We had dinner with Shendra, i wanted her to meet Gail , and Gail also had a chance to meet her and her cat ,Calvin, who is truly a very fine orange fellow.

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 020Calvin, the Red!!!!!

We met Barry Farrell, Kerey’s brother, Barry has been building boats all his life, Farrell boats are very distinctive, they have a certain kind of shaped stern, not like any other boat.   I managed to take a photo of Barry’s boat, as he left the harbour.

Comox Pender Harbour Nanaimo 028

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