Artichoke dip.

NOT to be eaten when on a diet.

14 OZ. CAN OF ARTICHOKES, DRAINED.       1 CUP OF MAYO.     16 OZ.CREAM CHEESE.    1 SMALL CAN OF MILD CHILIS.    1 1/2 CUP OF GRATED PARMESAN CHEESE.     CAN YOU JUST SEE THE CALORIES?????     MIX WELL,  BAKE AT 350 FOR 45 MINUTES, THEN BROIL FOR 5 MINUTES.       i bought french bread, Gail had crackers, oh my goodness!!!!! is this ever yummy!!       Just dont make every day!!!!

We left Nanaimo on the 20th of September, went through Dodd Narrows at slack tide, and anchored in Clam bay.     WE went to Pirates Cove with Gail’s dinghy, going through the cut from Clam Bay to Pirates cove, high tide, otherwise you don/t make it!!      Gail told us about these jalapenio poppers that were served at the pub, so thats what we ate and we drank cider, good times!!!    but i must be gaining weight……..

Nanaimo Clam Bay 024Pirates Cove pub.

Nanaimo Clam Bay 021 (Medium)Evening light in Clam bay.

The next morning i rowed with the dinghy to little Leach island, the island has been for sale for a long time , such a cool spot, but i noticed a sold sign on it now, 3.3 acres for $998.000 !!!!  I met up with a family of 6 otters, living on the island, i sat very quiet, watching them, and once in a while i would whistle, they would all stop , sit upright and scanned the bay, quite worried!!     Something was out there…….    They dove down after a while and one of the youngsters came up with a very good size flounder!!!       I really wanted to go to the Ganges market on Saturday, at Saltspring Island, Gail did too, so we headed there on the 22nd. apparently the first day of Fall!!!     On the way we met up with one of the new ferries, they are quite the sight!!

Nanaimo Clam Bay 026MV SALISH EAGLE

We anchored towards evening and Gail made us dinner!!   Life is good!!!

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