Ganges harbour,Prevost island,Port Browning.

It is actually very comforting to visit these places where we have been before, you know where you want to anchor, where to tie your dinghy, this is at times a real challenge in Ganges, and what places on land you want to explore.       In Ganges , the most important thing for me was the Saturday market, truly the best market ever!!!      Just the vegetable stands alone are breath taking, so much choice, and everything is fresh and clean, and truly wonderful.     I was after garlic particularly , i never seem to buy enough of it, this year again, i bought a dozen very big bulbs, right now, they are all gone!!!      But we headed for the stands with the baked goodies first, and fresh coffee!!!       Will and Trish’s boat, Shadowdancer II, was anchored near us, we knew they were here so we all met up later on in a very funky coffee shop, ( way too much coffee for me), and exchanged stories and memories already made on this incredible journey.        Will and Trish have a car here on Saltspring island, so the next day they took us hiking up Mount Maxwell, where we had a most beautiful view of the island and the bays below.    I think Gail enjoyed himself!!     We left Ganges on the Monday , the 25th and headed to James bay, Prevost island, where every year we collect apples and plums in the old orchard.    We dont know what kind of apples they are but they are firm and sweet, and make a doozer of a pie!!!     We took Gail hiking up to the light house, a wonderful walk, where we could gaze down at our boats.

Nanaimo Clam Bay 031A bouquet form Ganges.

Nanaimo Clam Bay 034apples from James bay.

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